It is often challenging to find the right partner that your organization can rely on in meeting its Information Management challenges. The process usually involves complex assessment measures regarding business, technical, financial and economic aspects, yet with market crowdedness and competitiveness, the decision can be hard.

Your organization might be presented with diverse solutions and attractive promises that please the ears but don't guarantee the results.

For over 20 years of experience in the ECM market serving the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region, ASSET Technology Group succeeded in creating solid grounds in the market while maintaining strategic partnerships.  

When it comes to a successful archive; simplifying your environment, reducing costs, and improving performance are the key functionalities that you want to achieve. Often, achieving one of these can be tricky, but ASSET Technology Group is in the business of mastering them all. From managing your archives, saving costs to consolidating your records and content into one system, ASSET Technology Group has your organization's best interest strategy in mind.

What truly makes ASSET Technology Group a Reliable partner to any organization is that we understand the business problem, deploy our creativity and our experience as well as the analytical and technical skill sets necessary to provide  the Optimum solution that serves organization needs seamlessly

Our Commitment:
  • ASSET Technology Group's  Management team brings together more than 20 years of cumulative experience in the field of Document and Process Management and Business Process engineering technologies

  • We believe that specialization is a key ingredient to success. Therefore, since 1991, we have specialized in the development of Products and Solutions that serve the ECM market and satisfy our customers' needs

  • ASSET Technology Group is committed to continuous Product Development and Enhancement, our Research and Development team is dedicated to ensure successful implementation of our products & solutions to match customer requirements while providing the best service quality

  • ASSET Technology Group uses World-Class software development and project management methodologies

  • ASSET Technology Group is committed to delivering world-class quality through a dedicated team to Software Quality Assurance.

  • Customer satisfaction is the main objective that we strive to achieve through quality assurance, selecting the right partners and ensuring professional standards of products and services