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Enterprises are constantly looking for new ways to monetize their products, and as location changes everything Analysts and industry watchers view location-based services (LBS) as a paradigm-changer for mobile service providers.

Asset Technology provides an innovative way for you to meet LBS market needs by providing state-of-art LBS services (Active - Passive) for both consumers and enterprise.

Reach™ is a location services platform that obtains information from direct integration to operator network infrastructures and adds value to your mobile presence will bring you closer to your customers, no matter where they are.

Enterprise Applications:.
  • Location Based Advertising: Service enables the operator to create advertisements B2B campaigns that will reach
     the mobile subscribers when they are located in a targeted area.
  • Fleet Management: Application for the enterprise market that can provide location information for vehicles.
Consumer Applications:.
  • Attraction finder: Consumer can use USSD or SMS to find the nearest attraction such as stores, cinemas, etc.
  • Roaming SMS: Tracking roaming customers and provide them with useful information that will aid the inbound/outbound roamers on their journey.
  • Emergency Alert: Provides location information of a consumer, and shares it with his defined list of family/friends in case of emergency.


Reach™ Key Benefits:


Enterprise Benefits: .
  • Increasing engagement with the customer which improves customer's experience.
  • Enables you to deliver better services, such as fleet tracking, retail store locator, inbound, and outbound roaming offers.
  • Promotes interaction with your consumers through integrated messaging services from you or your B2B partners.
  • Adds more Value Added Services (VAS) capabilities, and offers new geo-services use cases.
  • Offers heightened reach to all devices, not limited to smartphones.
  • Sponsored messages and delivering relevant information to interested parties when they are in your businesses' area, generates new revenue streams.
  • Targeting customers in a certain businesses' area instead of a large customer base will reduce promotions costs.
  • No need to build or download an application per platform
End-User/Customer Benefits: .
  • Provides access to relevant, useful data and promotions.
  • Ensures customer privacy is protected, handled appropriately and only used for agreed upon services.
  • Leverages more consumer services such as personal car tracking, find attractions, and better roaming prices.