Complementing to the series of Live Better Sessions series

Human Resources department at ASSET Technology Group with the help of Eng. Medhat Sabry, Corporate Quality Audit Consultant endorses the call to a sincere invitation to improve,

Do what we do less stressfully, more enjoyable and hence far "Better".

Live Better is your company's innovative way of doing it.

One very valuable experience that we have learned at ASSET, that many others still don't fully implement, is that the duty of an employer is not just to pick up the distinguished people from the market, but also to build them! Instead of just criticizing and blaming on errors, we fit our people with competence and confidence to avoid them. We believe this is the way not only to surpass at work, but also in human life as a whole. That's why we called it Live Better and not just Work Better.

What is Live Better?

Live Better is a program that will pack all what we need to implement in our work life, at all levels of jobs to enhance our professional character and therefore our competence and self – confidence.

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