ASSET is sharing the Journey of Work Life Balance

In the purist of happiness journey most of hardworking professionals dream to keep the work/life balance and invest more in their true compass "Personal Life", they need to boost internal morale, optimism and fulfillment.

Yet 80% of them face challenges do this due to lack of system to maintain consistency, personal accountability and motivator, true and deep knowledge about the roles they need to focus in life!

Under the supervision of Mr. Yasser Shaker a leader in the science of optimism, a sought-after speaker, an author and the founder and CEO of the Optimistic Spark Center, ASSET Technology Group held "Work Life Balance" session in which we discussed:

  • Optimistic spark 6 dimensions and 36 roles life planner/ canvas
  • Track the balance via optimistic 36 roles monthly tracker
  • Understand the roots of your fear and anxiety
  • Mr. Yasser's new book "Spark around the clock"
  • How to access the whole 6 life dimension and find out which dimensions and roles to focus on
  • Choosing specific roles to keep work/life balance and how to use optimistic canvas tracker

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