Jupiter ECM for Banking

Enterprise content management can have an especially powerful effect on financial institutions and their traditionally paper-driven processes ex: loan packages, and requesting documents, etc., all can be stored, tracked and managed efficiently and electronically.

By storing the information in a completely digital environment, it can be available from anywhere anytime in order to take the right decision punctually.

Information and documents are available to users based on their roles in the institution, hence, productivity is dramatically improved.

ASSET enterprise content management solution is a fully integrated ECM platform designed for banks and financial institutions to accelerate content and case based business processes while reducing costs associated with risk management and regulatory compliance mandates.

Jupiter is both scalable and secure, while addressing all of the regulatory compliance necessary in banking and financial sector.

Jupiter ECM allows organizations move smoothly from a paper-based environment to a fully automated, digital one by implementing the various solutions like:
With Jupiter ECM solutions, financial institutions are empowered to:
  • Streamline information sharing and information access across all business lines
  • Speed the pace of operations for increased productivity, reduced operational costs and higher accuracy
  • Improve customer service levels, expand customer service offerings and increase the value of client interaction with self-service capabilities
  • Maintain complete regulatory compliance

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