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Extra Balance

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Today, Telecom operators are expanding their services, as voice and SMS are driving slow growth revenue, so they are focusing more on creating new services that can create new revenue streams.

Extra Balance service is a very successful service in countries where pre-paid segment is the majority, as it allows you to:

Increase your revenues

When a customer is out of balance he has the option of using the "Extra balance" service, which will give him the chance to use your network, when the customer recharges you get back your balance plus service fees this is how you increase your revenues.

Enhance customer experience

Building confidence with your customer through offering him extra balance when he needs it at any situation and upon his request.

Extra Balance key features:
  • Proven Performance

    System is deployed in the market and serves more than 30 million subscribers working perfectly under the load of 65 Transaction/sec with ability to expand In 2013 system has performed 1.2 Billion Subscription transactions, 430 Million Payback transactions, and 1 Billion Advertisement SMS.

  • Multiple tiers

    When a customer is out of balance he can borrow more till he reaches his segment's Ceiling, also operator can define up to 12 tiers to suit its segments.

  • Different Customer Segments

    You can configure your segments based on tenure or ARPU, etc. System Supports static/dynamic customer routing on different pre-paid nodes.

  • Automatic Advertisement

    You will control the automatic advertisement SMS that is sent to your customer when he is out of balance or reaches a certain limit.

  • Full/Partial Payback

    When customer recharges, the system will figure out if it is a partial payback or a full payback.

  • Bad Debts Control

    Extra balance service will be barred automatically if a customer consumed his chances of using the service multiple times without making any full payback.


How does Extra Balance work?