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Mobile Air Transfer©

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One of the alternative solutions to drive revenue is to offer your customers the facility of transferring mobile balance or talk-time among themselves (prepaid or postpaid customers).

Your customer can easily request to transfer balance through different channels the Air Transfer© system deducts the requested amount from the sender's account and, after deducting service fees, adds the amount to the receiver's prepaid account or to postpaid free minutes.

Mobile Air Transfer© is a reliable, functionally rich system, proven in large scale production deployment in the market. It supports different methodology of operation, and integrations.

Mobile Air Transfer© allows mobile operator to:

Utilize service consumption

Giving your customer the option to transfer balance, will increase the talk-time and service consumption, which will increase customer experience.

Increase your revenues

Offering your customer balance transfer, will increase your revenue as service fees can be fixed, a percentage of the requested value or combined.

Mobile Air Transfer© key features:
  • Both prepaid and postpaid customers

    It is available for all your customer base (both prepaid and postpaid customers) to use the service.

  • Multiple operation modes

    System can interact with all types of customers, for prepaid sender it debits the account, and for postpaid sender it will be added to his bill, and the receiver will be credited the amount or it can only provision it with corresponding free units.

  • Flexible eligibility rules

    Mobile Air Transfer© gives you the control on setting the rules for prepaid sender/receiver, postpaid sender/receiver each for the suitable tariffs allowed channels and different profile attributes validation.

  • No registration required

    Your customer doesn't need to register to the service as system depends on prepaid and postpaid systems as source of customer profiles.

  • Automatic transfers to favorite contacts

    Customers are able to set a list of favorite contacts to speed transfer at any time, as well they can schedule periodic transfers (daily/weekly/monthly).

  • Smart transaction calculation

    System has different ways of calculations for different modes, to apply transaction fees on different transfer values.

  • Standard channel APIs

    The system is availing standard HTTP Interfaces for operator's channels to Air Transfer request, eligibility check, bar/un-bar customer, and customer inquiry.

  • Uncertainty handling

    Overcoming back-end systems' errors as Mobile air transfer is a smart system to handle the incomplete requests.