ASSET is a premier technology service provider to telecom industries, delivering high end telecom products and wide range of custom solutions meeting specific customers' requirements and changes in today's rapid shifting telecom market trends

ASSET Telecom Products:
Meeting Telecom Needs

ASSET responds to the needs of telecom service providers through offering dynamic core applications to their operations, as well as applications to enhance and drive their business efficiencies.

We provide a wide range of developed custom solutions for the telecommunications sector based on customers' requirements and changes in today's changing market trends.

Our solutions set ranges from organizational and customer data collection into one repository, generating reports and conducting deep analysis required for planning marketing campaigns, automating internal processes to ensure time saving, and integrating with all installed applications to present organizations with a single easy to use interface.

ASSET Telecom Solutions:
  • Subscribers' records management.
  • Portal integration.
  • Online mobile services.
  • SMS and notifications services.
  • Billing system automation.
  • Tracking system for products sales.
  • Collaboration tools for project management.
  • Vendors records management.
  • Intranet and inter-corporate communications solutions.
  • Interface unification and system integration with the installed applications.
Telecom Solutions that Fit:
  • Streamlines processes and techniques to speed up the implementation time
  • Integrates successful with all the installed applications
  • Profit maximization by reducing the running operations cost
  • Time saving to ensure a better customer service
  • Scalable structure to accommodate the constant development of new services
  • Instant data access and retrieval required for timely decisions
  • Garnered ROI