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For years, organizations have faced major struggles to deliver projects on time and within budget. For maximum control and monitoring, most organizations have established a special unit to perform projects management monitoring and control and it is called (Project Management Office – PMO).

The importance of projects tracking systems lie in the ability of getting the Big Picture through monitoring and reporting the actual status of any project to participants, project managers and management stakeholders. It's the way to monitor projects' performance in a way that support making smarter decisions.

Meet "Snap" a powerful PMO solution that fits to any organization

Simple, Efficient and Radically Effective

Snap is a web-based, database independent powerful project tracking solution that fits to any organization with projects management functions. Snap adopts strong document management features, advanced search capabilities, extensive reports and the ability to integrate with other systems.

The solutions acts as a central repository with robust document management features that enables you to create a new project with all its related information and artifacts, edit an existing project, search or report projects information easily

Empowering Teams with the right Tools

The solution enables organizations to quickly control change throughout the project lifecycle by implementing a structured approach to manage projects portfolios, analyze challenges and support decision-making based on accurate and up-to-date information.

In addition, Snap offers a pre-built scoring model as a way to support making smarter business decisions.

A Solution to fit your needs

Snap has the ability to adapt to different organizational roles enabling each member of the Projects Management teams to work decisively.

Snap Hierarchy

Snap "To Reduce Cost and Optimize Cash"

Using Snap you can record, track, and archive projects relevant information.

All in one solution and under one roof!

Furthermore, you can generate various status reports that provide full insights about the running projects in a timely manner.

Realize Actual Efficiency Gains with
  • In-depth insights with charts and reports:

    Snap provides a set of statistical status reports that can be generated for a certain project or a group of projects to help in making smarter business decisions

  • Full Projects Tracking

    Snap keeps you updated with the progress of a project against its milestones as well as risks and issues

  • Advanced Levels of security

    Snap offers powerful security models and access rights to allow visibility in compliance with different roles which ensures information confidentiality

  • Integrating to boost Innovation

    Snap's robust integration layer helps it to integrate with any other system; example billing systems or business process management engines

  • Extensive Search Capabilities

    Snap facilitates accessing projects information by providing simple "Keyword Search" and advanced search capabilities

  • Performance Meters

    Snap offers managers a snapshot for the organizational performance through dashboards with the important metrics on projects for a real-time view of the projects status