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Correspondence management system is of paramount importance for all entrepreneurs, business people, government agencies and other parties that have to deal with deadlines, and who need the highest possible level of productivity, as well as an efficient control system over growing correspondence channels.

ASSET Technology offers a powerful but easy to use correspondence management system (Morasalat) to address various correspondence challenges to consistently manage and track communication between various departments, branches, remote sites, suppliers, partners, customers, while also providing 100% real-time visibility and accountability. Morasalat provides a central repository that stores paperwork data and attached scanned images, plus a flexible method of moving papers within an organization or across different organizations.

The system will automate and facilitate incoming and outgoing paperwork movement. It provides the central repository that stores paperwork data and attached scanned images and provides a flexible method of moving the papers among the organization's employees.

In addition to helping your organization ensure compliance with regulatory measures and corporate governance policies, Morasalat can bring direct business benefits such as:
  • Paperless Environment: reduce document management costs by bringing all correspondence into a digitized system
  • Increased Agility: faster response times and quicker access to archived material lets you make better decisions in less time
  • Better Metrics: the software's tracking system makes it possible to measure employee's performance by tracking efficiency and workloads
  • Greater Accuracy: ensure documents are delivered to the correct recipient without loss of data, every time
  • Reduce Complexity: with a centralized system and single point of access for handling emails, faxes, and letters, complexity and administrative overheads are reduced
  • Enhanced Security: by placing strict security controls on document access, business confidentiality is improved
  • Easy Networking Routing