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Jupiter Lite

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Adopt the perfect solution for your growing business

Dynamic global competition is changing the landscape for various businesses. Both organizations and employees are being asked to do more with less

The challenge for small or medium-sized business (SMEs) is to understand where the market is going and to adapt their business accordingly. New ideas and proven technology can assist with doing things better or even transforming the way things are done.

A robust content management can be a key enabler in that regard, effectively eliminating paper files and their associated manual processes and introducing a streamlined, collaborative system. After extensive hands-on experience, ASSET's latest content management offerings is "Jupiter Lite"

Jupiter Lite is considered a stepping stone for small and medium business owners who want to enjoy the benefits of a robust
ECM system, but whose budgets are considerably smaller than those of a larger company

Jupiter Lite is a scalable content management solution, designed especially for SMEs. Jupiter Lite is a completely web browser based (web based) Content Management System which is easy to install, and easy to use.

The solution helps employees capture, create, organize and share digitized paper and electronic content and easily search for and retrieve information stored in the repository

We make Content Management Easy, Efficient and Affordable

Jupiter Lite is designed to meets unique business needs and challenges without any expensive system setup and time-consuming training.

It addresses the needs of specific vertical markets, including medical, accounting, and law firms with the ready-made built in templates.

Increase your organization's efficiency and productivity while decreasing your risk with Jupiter Lite. It has everything you need in content management, in one affordable system.

Download our trial version today and see these great benefits in action.

Benefits for using Jupiter Lite

Other than providing an amazingly easy way to store, retrieve, secure, organize and share your content, there are many more benefits of Jupiter Lite, they are:

  • Easy Installation with no user intervention, only 3 clicks to get Jupiter Lite installed, up and running
  • Quick implementation
  • Instant Access
  • Built-in scanning facility
  • Highly scalable solution that will easily adapt to any business changing requirements
  • Improved performance
  • Built-in and ready-made templates that can position the new user for business growth and success
  • Reduced administrative processes
  • Achieve the desired regulatory compliance by archiving business critical content
  • Multiple security levels to secure all your organizational content
  • No hidden expenses!


Jupiter Lite easy to use, simple interface and high flexibility allows businesses of any type and size to implement it to their various content management needs. This is why Jupiter Lite is being successfully adopted across all industries that wish to go paperless

Jupiter ‘Lite' version is a ladder on which clients can climb to increase business volume

Jupiter Lite is considered the entry point to the paperless office concept for businesses or departments that require a complete content management software solution or for large organizations who wish to start small.

Go the Extra Mile with Jupiter ECM and enjoy the full features of Jupiter Enterprise Edition

Jupiteris an advanced version of Jupiter Lite that provide additional document management features. It is easy to use, powerful and fully comprehensive content management software that allows businesses to centralize the management, storage, retrieval, control and distribution of content.