The government sector is one of the high demanding sectors that crave for solutions that meet compliance and public service needs. The application of a proper solution within the public administration can improve efficiency, reduce waste of resources, enhance planning and raise the quality of services. Therefore, governments in different countries are keen to implement large-scale automated systems to assist in managing large volumes of transactions that occur in public services every day.
ASSET Government Solutions are dedicated to helping leading governments to achieve enhanced performance and meet the challenges of a rapidly changing public sector environment.

ASSET Government Solutions:
  • Mobile Government Services.
  • E-Gov Portals.
  • E-Gov Services.
  • Business Process Automation.
  • Government-to-Government Solutions.
  • Enterprise Report Management.
  • Enterprise Records Management.
Setting Government Organizations on the e-Government Fast Track:

Internal Automation: Supporting automation of traditional administrative, functional and business transactions as well as the management of internal contents, documents and records.

Web Presence: Being found online. Establishing websites and web portals to promote government services and functions to online communities.

Interactive Services: Effective delivery of government services through electronic means; internet or mobile devices. With that approach, governments make effective and sustainable use of information technology to enhance both the operations of government entities and the delivery of services provided to the public

E-Gov Portals: Implement the concept of One-Stop Portal for all government functions and services through the electronic delivery of information and services via a unified internet-based electronic gateway, the portal. It serves citizens and employees to access information through a single interface and allows collaboration between different users of the portal saving time and costs.