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Content Management

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Jupiter provides all of the core document management services needed to allow organizations to capture and manage electronic files and automate document-centric business processes.

Version Control

With multiple people updating and changing documents it can be hard to identify the latest copy. Full version control in our document management solution allows users to track who changed what and when.

Online Previews

Documents can be viewed online without the need to download and open the document in another application. Jupiter can be
used to view a range of formats including most office files, images, photographs, scanned documents, video files and audio files

Comprehensive Search

Powerful search facilities allow users to easily find the documents that are important to them. Users have a choice of simple search, or a more powerful 'Advanced Search' option that allows users to be more specific - defining which attributes to search for the term

Document Management is more than just a content management tool, with Jupiter real, tangible benefits to your business are at your fingertips, allowing you to:
  • Enhance productivity: manage all your business content in a single application, with integrated modules that meet
    all of your organization's document needs
  • Pool your knowledge: store your organization's content in a single information repository, regardless of document format
  • Make accurate decisions: integrated document archival and retrieval tools support your decision-making processes
  • Store all types of document in one place: Jupiter's extensive capturing capabilities cover a wide variety of content types
  • Cope with growing data volumes: Jupiter's scalable architecture supports high content volumes while maintaining
    an outstanding performance
  • Ensure data confidentiality: Jupiter's comprehensive security model can be applied to individual items or groups
    of items
  • Find and retrieve documents easily: Dynamic, tree-based content views can be tailored to each user's preference, making Jupiter easy and intuitive to use