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Fixed Assets Tracker

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Managing and controlling organizational physical assets with its different types, such as, computers, laptops, mobile phones, test equipment, spare parts or any object that's used internally in your organization isn't an easy task as tracking each asset manually is complex and consumes a lot of time.

Fixed Assets Tracker is designed to enable better control over your assets, automate and streamline physical assets management to meet unique business requirements and to bring value to your business.

What you get out of Fixed Assets Tracker?

  • Fully integrated with barcode devices (barcode reader and printer) for accurate and easy tracking
  • Reduce Loss of Equipment and Size of Equipment Inventory
  • Achieve Maximum Asset Utilization
  • Accelerate Reaction Time for an Event that Calls for Action
  • Help Staff Locate the Required Asset Promptly
  • Perform a Complete Cost Effective Physical Audit of Thousands of Items Across Multiple Locations
  • Qualify Fixed Assets Quickly & Easily for Insurance and Tax Purposes
  • Eliminate Costly and Time-Consuming Manual Description Checks
  • Decrease Probability of Human Error Normally Inherent in the Manual Audit Process

Fixed Assets Tracker Infographic