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ASSET Technology provides leading software for the capture, archiving, distribution, viewing and management of reports and documents throughout the enterprise by employing a scalable and reliable solution that ensure the right information is available in the right format to the right people at the right time.

Managing volumes of data to produce meaningful information and reports in a modern enterprise is a daunting task. This critical information must be shared with your customers, employees, partners and suppliers at lightning speed. The comprehensive E-Statement Solution provides customers with complete, automated and/or online control over the printing and distribution of critical information. Business success depends on organizations ability to store, process and distribute accurate and timely information throughout the enterprise.

E-Statement solution from ASSET Technology allows end users to view their reports online, print only what is absolutely necessary and package their information for easy and efficient delivery.

The benefits include reduced costs for document creation, storage, handling and duplication, decreased network traffic and associated costs, enhanced document preservation and compliance, improved end user productivity, enhanced user service, improved operations efficiency and increased management control.

EStatement delivers real, tangible benefits for your organization, leading to:
  • Lower Operating Costs: Considerable savings made by cutting or eliminating cost associated with reproducing and/or storing printed copies of reports.
  • Greater Staff Productivity: Meet any organization's document management needs more efficiently with effective tools for data searching and retrieval.
  • Enhanced Customer Relationship Management: Dramatically improve customer service through measurably reduced response times.
  • Accessibility: Ensure secure, accessible reports for all designated employees.