ASSET Technology Group is a leader in providing solutions that enable businesses and service providers to transform and automate their daily operations. We are committed to enhancing customer value by delivering the most trusted, advanced and dependable solutions in the market.

Recognized for robust quality, innovative designs and industry leadership, ASSET Technology Group focuses on creating customer value through a bunch of high quality technology solutions for a variety of markets including enterprise content management, assets control and many more.

ASSET Technology Group has two business lines each addressing specific coverage and focus. The first line is Developing Software Products covering mainly the contents management, process automation, correspondences management.

The second is providing Software Implementation Services for multinational technologies/products according to customer specific demands using highly qualified and certified engineers.

Broad Range of Customers

We work with organizations around the world, in every industry, in the public and private sectors, and of every size. Our customers include banks, telecommunications providers, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and public-sector agencies. We also provides technology solutions, products, and services to consumers in many countries.

Strong Leadership Record

We believe in our Leadership tactics and hence we offer various solutions that serve diverse business needs in different markets. Since 1991, ASSET Technology Group has been dedicated to serve customers from all over the world while preserving its Leadership in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) market. In addition, our successful track record and expansion represent a successful model for offering high quality software and programming services.

Global Presence

ASSET Technology Group is represented by several sales offices and scores of partners in several countries around the world. We have a large sales and service force focused on information infrastructure, and we work closely with a global network of technology, and implementation consulting firms.

Our branches exist in Dubai, Egypt, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and United Kingdom and have also penetrated markets in 15 other countries through well-selected, reputable efficient business partners (resellers) and system integrators, serving over 300 customers.

We believe that our customers are the reason of our existence, accordingly we achieve our goals through satisfying our customers.

Customers seek a stable working environment, and our role is to offer  the suitable solutions that will help in enhancing operational functions which eventually reduce costs and increase profitability.