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ASSET Suite for InfoArchive

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Active archiving and application decommissioning can be a complex process, however, it has become crucial for organizations to manage information existence efficiently to resolve various soaring operational and management issues:

To organizations, transitioning to a new efficient Data Management solution is a challenge, opportunity and a risk. The fear of a change management strategy from already recognized legacy applications to another solution is something we understand, therefore, our aim through ASSET Suite for InfoArchive is a smooth business transformation process throughout the different data transition processes. Should there be a need to restore data, ASSET Suite for InfoArchive gives users a de-archiving feature to bring the structured data back to the staging environment.

ASSET Suite for InfoArchive simplifies the retirement of legacy systems and active archive through a graceful transition approach via InfoConnect and InfoAccess for organizations to acknowledge real business value

ASSET Suite for InfoArchive Infographic

ASSET Suite for InfoArchive Key Features:.
  • Active applications which contain critical information, some of which is required by law to be retained and managed as records are available in dispersed systems
  • Redundant systems exist within the organization
  • Lower cost applications, technology platforms have emerged
  • Multiple source applications impact the ability to meet regulatory or legal requirements due to the time needed to process every request
  • A unified and flexible archive of structured and unstructured data in relations with relevant information category
  • Assign different levels of security and access controls to archived data, depending on relevant compliance regulations
  • Gain a long term compliant archive while meeting the retention and audit requirements
  • Store and access more data, driving deeper insights and ultimately unlocking the value of archived data
  • A highly scalable architecture that allows the archiving of high volume data through multi node configuration
  • Regulatory enforcement of retention and disposition through technology. The solution is appropriate to paper-intensive government agencies as well as banking, insurance, healthcare, and telecom enterprises that face mandates on data retention
  • Formulate policies based on regulatory mandates, and make it easy to update these policies based on changing needs in the organization
  • Easy and timely access the data and acquire various insightful reports and business analytics
  • A complete auditable, compliant, and secured solution that, reduces compliance violations risks

EMC² certification

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