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The amount of correspondences managed daily by organizations is HUGE. The bigger the organization, public or private the more time and effort resources take to handle them. The human error is inevitable, and putting valuable company assets at risk creates various business hazards

ARROW Correspondence Management System is an ASSET Technology Group product built on top of EMC Documentum platform

ARROW adopts the Documentum infrastructure, connectivity, open architecture, cloud concept, and high performance and connects to EMC Documentum using Documentum Foundation Classes (DFC) to ensure that best performance and it utilizes the following features provided by EMC Documentum

  • Authentication
  • User Management
  • Content Management & Security
  • Storage Management

ARROW centralizes and manages the creation, assembly and delivery of secure, personalized, and interactive correspondences.
It enables you to effectively manage all organization correspondences in a streamlined process from creation/acquisition,
processing to archival.

ARROW Infographic


Key Features:.
  • A complete solution with simple tools
  • Correspondence tracking and task distribution
  • Create uniform correspondences.
  • Extract and store information
  • Maintain clear trail
  • Access critical data in seconds
  • Analytical Reports
  • Secured Transactions

Security is core when handling important correspondences in your company, that is why ARROW offers you multi-level security
approach that keeps you in control over your correspondences in a secured way.

We provide profile security for the admin to control actions and roles of different users with the system and what functionality they
are capable of handling on the system.

ARROW system admin is capable of assigning different access rights for each template by configuring who can (create, read, archive, and/or forward) templates.

Secure access to sensitive document and allow content owner to define or change information rights and recall, expire or delete content after distribution. In addition, you can track all activities associated with a secured correspondence to comply with
security procedures.
IRM protects your vital information, regardless where it is located, you are in control over your information environment.

  • Authentication Security
  • Single Session Security
  • Profile Security
  • Template Security
  • Information Right Management
ARROW on Mobile

ARROW Mobile App on iOS and Android, comprising of ARROW's selected and vital functionalities will keep you updated with
your correspondences conveniently at your fingertips

ARROW on Cloud
  • Flexibility: Manage your business thorough a versatile workspace, where you can store and have access to
    your correspondences easily.
  • Cost Efficient: Instead of investing in an on-site server for your data storage and management,
    through ARROW Cloud now control your correspondences easily with an efficient cost model that saves you server
    and maintenance costs.

Now it's times to focus on your core business activities and leave your correspondence management to ARROW Cloud

ARROW is an EMC² certified solution:

EMC² certification

ARROW integrates with several treasured tools adding Super functionalities to your Business Model
  • RightFax
  • Brava Enterprise
  • Documentum Information Rights Management
  • Documentum xPlore Server
  • Exchange Server
ARROW supports your business targets through:
  • Professional Tracking.
  • Rapid Search.
  • Timely Response
  • Data Compliance
  • Secured Environment
  • Performance Monitoring
  • KPI Reports
  • Business Continuity